Saturday, March 2, 2013


Life here in lovely Tuscany is marching on and I am brought up short by how fast the days are flying by.  I had forgotten that feeling, and how engrossing it is finding your feet and transitioning to life abroad ~ to living in very close quarters with only ourselves in a new world.  Truth be told there are ups and downs at the start of such a journey, but I have always loved the fact of it and especially coming to the other side and the realization that you are doing it and it's good.  I feel so fortunate to have had several such opportunities of "living in a bubble" with my little family.  This one has proven good in so many ways, although I have to say it's been a bit more challenging having two of our bubble mates back in the states in college.  It does help immensely knowing that they are happy and are making their way just fine without their mama close at hand.

I have a slew of images of our Italian daily life and have been posting to Instagram with regularity.  If you want a peek you can find me here.  Here's a glimpse of what you'll find there...

In other news, my sweet husband has been feathering my nest in the most admirable and generous way. How's that?...He has taken on the sluggish internet here in our apartment in an effort to spiff up my website.  This has been sorely needed for some time, and it's the kind of chore that quite honestly I will never get to.  The site is still a work in progress {I need to get in there and add images and links and info about a few more patterns}, but he has done wonders! It's as if we were house hunting and after patiently listened to my laundry list of desires {clean, uncluttered, not too stuffy...}, he just set about building me the perfect house.  Such a nice thing!  I will, for now, be posting here and on my new website, but in the next month or so will make the move permanent.  Very exciting!!

I'll leave you now. An amazingly cloudless day is beckoning here in Siena {yes!...a no umbrella day!!...I'm thinking that means spring is on her way, right?!}.

Buona Giornata tutti!