Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weather report

Sunny...Perfect day for picking apples


Cool and Cloudy...

My little guy learns to shine shoes...and loves it!...Lucky me!!!

Rainy and cold...A day specially made for...

Working on the mystery sock knit along

Sitting with a friend and planning my stockings for the mini-stocking knit along

Curling up with some inspirational reads—loving all of these—

Hope your day is full of goodness and contentment, rain or shine... Alison


  1. I have very similar pictures of our apple picking time. Something about kids climbing trees just makes you smile. I have been knitting a baby blanket for a teacher at my daughters school, and baking apple pies :) . One of my goals is to learn to knit socks. I need to find a class nearby!

  2. What a lovely, calm and inspirational post!

  3. What a lovely day! We just picked apples this weekend and I'm up to my elbows in applesauce :)

  4. I am doing the mystery sock too! your apples look amazing, i wish we could grow them like that here!