Thursday, December 31, 2009


To you my bloggy friends!...and thank you! have allowed me to share the last five months of 2009 with you—there aren't words enough to express my appreciation for that.  I am grateful for your friendship, for the words you have shared with me and the generous way you have welcomed me into your lives, for your creativity and the inspiration you give, for the beauty and hope that you keep me believing in.

So Goodbye 2009!...a growing year, a year filled with firsts, with new challenges and opportunities for growth, with some highs, a few speed bumps, but more importantly a year punctuated by new friends made and old friends found—in the end, a good year.  Farewell dear 2009!'s been fun and I will think of you fondly!

And as for you list of resolutions to welcome you grand proclamations, just a lot of hope and a sincere desire to be present, open and generous of heart, and helpful and creative of hand, to be worthy of the wonderful friends and family with whom I have been blessed.    

Hoping that you, my friends, are feeling the love...wishing you the happiest New Year today and throughout!...



  1. Happy New Year, Alison!

  2. Love your lack of resolutions - your hopes are much better - I think I'll join you! Happy New Year :)