Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing hookie...

Wow two posts in two days, and after all those days of not posting too...feels good!
There's been a bit of crochet going on during my absence...
Behold my new scarf! This is the one accessory that I took with me to Santa Barbara—I wore it almost everyday—I love it...a lot...
I love the yarn, the color, the fans, the whole thing.  It was the perfect light layer for cool evenings and freezing airplanes, and it allowed me to change up the look of the basic black shirts that I took with me—light packing—woohoo!...more room for yarn!

It got lots of attention.  I actually felt a little guilty and a bit like an see, I am not really a crocheter.  I tend to see a crochet project I like and then learn the stitches and techniques I need to make it as I go—all those video tutorials on the web are great for this. This project was just so...a sample of this pretty scarf is hanging right next to the Noro Silk Garden display at Yarns Unlimited.  I have admired it every time I've gone into the shop for a while now and right before my trip to California I was feeling the itch for instant gratification—a project that I could whip up in a couple of days and then wear on my trip.  I work in the shop on Saturdays and by the end of my last work day before my trip, MaryAnn {the ever talented and stylish owner of Yarns...} had convinced me that I could tackle this project.  In addition, she was kind enough to get me started {and to listen to my whining about how crochet is so strange because its not knitting}.

This bookmark pattern from crochetroo is the origin of the scarf.  We have sent many a shopper off with two skeins of Noro and the link.  If you haven't seen crochetroo's blog, you should definitely check it out.  It is truly wonderful.  You should also check out this gorgeous version of the pattern, and you can find a French translation of the pattern here

My scarf is similar the bookmark {worked on a size H hook with two skeins of Silk Garden}.  I added an extra chain to my picots and just kept making fans until I was almost out of yarn.  This project is a good example of how patterns evolve to meet the needs of the maker.  MaryAnn has changed the pattern so that the ends are completely round, and she has also changed the way the fans attach to one another—very airy and pretty.  If you get a chance to visit Yarns Unlimited, you should check it out.  She's made a neckwarmer  {one skein} and a longer version—both are darling, has a pattern, and is considering offering a workshop for those interested. 

This is a fun and quick project.  I finished mine in two evenings...and remember, I'm not a crocheter.  The learning curve wasn't bad—easy, actually, I do like repeating patterns—and it was a great project for reminding me of how it feels to be a beginner again.  I love to get a dose of that feeling now and then—it's great for my teaching skills, plus it's just fun to learn something new.  Knitting, of course, will always be my first crafty love, but a bit of crochet is great for instant gratification!  I guess that's why they call it happy hooking {collective groan—okay, sorry for that, but I do love puns—I'll try to show more restraint in the future}.

Take care and have fun!...



  1. hey, you happy hooker! me too, shhhh...

    your scarf is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you! i love your haircut!

    i have a red cotton version i made from a pattern called anne (ravelry). i love the noro idea, of course, since i pretty much love everything noro...


  2. That is a seriously lovely scarf...almost makes me want to take up crochet - it's somethng I have never got to grips with...

  3. Oh that's beautiful! I only dabble in crochet but this is inspiring to me, someday I would love a scarf like that! Nice job!

  4. This feels like serendipity - I just started getting to grips with crochet and need a new project - thanks for the idea - Happy Easter too! Em x