Monday, February 21, 2011

Having it all...

I grew up with the firm belief that I could have it all...everything my heart desired was mine if I wanted it badly enough and if I worked hard enough to get it.  At the time I thought of having it all in terms of family and career, but as I've gotten older, I've realized that I have so internalized that belief that it extends to all facets of my life.  This is a good thing~mostly~but it can also lead to some frustration and to some hard bumps with reality.  I mean it seems like, I should be able to design knitting patterns, homeschool, maintain my weaving business, cook all of our food from scratch, make our clothes, teach, read, be socially active, play with family and friends, exercise daily, take classes, repair and keep a picture-perfect house, and~here's the kicker~be spontaneous at all times.  I should be able to keep all of those plates spinning at the same time, right?...apparently not.  Now, I'm not saying it can't be done.  I  firmly believe that there are some high-energy souls out there who manage all of this and more~my visits in blogland reinforce this believe and constantly inspire me~but I'm just not that girl. 
My dear mother has a can't have a clean house and a productive sewing table at the same time.  I'm so grateful for that {on recollection though, I think she did, in fact, manage both}.  But what a gift she gives me when she tells me that, and how often do I need to hear it.  It reminds me that I can have it all, but maybe not all of it at the same time.
Weaving is part of my "all" and it has been a missing part.  When I was working on my book a few things had to take a back seat.  My loom was pushed off to the side in the push to get the designs knitted and the book written.  After the book was done it seemed like there were lots of loose ends to take care still no weaving.  I was waiting for the ideal time...a time when everything would be perfect and nothing would have to slide for me to incorporate weaving back into my life.  I knew that once that loom was open, it would call to me.  And so it has.  Over the last week or so, I've decided to make peace with my dust bunnies and incomplete home repairs, to take some time to get reacquainted with an old friend.
first this...
then this...
then a bit more...

It feels so good to be reunited with my loom.  And even if I am a little rusty and my house is...well, a little more than messy...I am happy, the ideas are flowing, and my fingers are itchy for more.  What could be better?  Here's to having it piece at a time.

Happy Monday! 



  1. Do you really think some people manage it all? or do you think it just seems that way from the outside? I spent ages trying to fit in everything (and do it perfectly!) now I just try to enjoy the bits I can fit in and accept the imperfections that result from it - glad you fitted your loom back in - the results are beautiful...and so are the dust bunnies! :D

  2. Perhaps we "do it all" as the Earth was fashioned to "do it all" - in seasons. There are times for growth and productivity and times for rest and dormancy; then we start the process all over again. Ironically, it seems that we protest and grapple more with our resting than with our working.

    I'm so glad that you are weaving again. Your design is very beautiful.

    Also glad you're blogging again. I missed you!