Saturday, January 2, 2010

January hello...

Just a quick visit today.  My mom is finally here, after having to put off her trip due to canceled flights and what-not before Christmas, and I am savoring this time with her.  Have I mentioned how much I love my mom?...probably so...anyway... just so you know, things might be a little quiet in this spot while I have her with me...just for the coming week.

But before I go...remember this old girl?...

I did want to let you know that I have added a link to the pdf for Peggotty's Ruffle Mitts to my Ravelry page.  I had much difficulty with the server on this pattern {apparently insufficient bandwidth (who knew?) and in the confusion, I accidentally put up an early draft of the pattern, not the final draft of the pattern that I meant to {oops!...note to self, don't play on the computer when you have a I wish I was as comfortable in front of a keyboard as I am with sticks and string‚ hopefully I'm getting better though, with each try and each little humiliation}.  So if you tried to download Peggotty in early December and failed to get it, or even if you managed to get the original (okay, but the new one is more carefully edited), you might want to download the new and improved version.  I know a few people have already knitted it on Ravelry, and so far it has gotten positive reviews—yay!
{BTW, I made this pattern for my personal use, so it has not been to the tech editor.  In other words, any feedback you might want to share would be appreciated.  Just message me via Ravelry or email me...thanks!}

So long for now, my dears!  I hope you are enjoying the last little bit of your holiday break!  No dieting or strict rule enforcement around here for a few days I said, savoring every last minute of this precious time!...



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, your Mom included. Enjoy this time with her - you both deserve it.

  2. Enjoy, enjoy!! Happy New Year, Alison! Thank you for the pattern. I like the new banner, it's very cheerful.

  3. by the way, looking back at your Peggotty post, I noticed that I did not mention in my comment how adorable and beautiful your French Girl top is! I received that book for my b-day and really want to knit from it soon; maybe a version of that top...? xo

  4. Love your designs! What a talented lady. Hope you are enjoying a Happy New Year! Liz