Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello dear friends,

We have had a very full and happy week here in the middle of the middle.  I am feeling very full and like I must be just about the luckiest girl in the world to have such great people in my life.

My girly, our oldest graduated this weekend!...woohoo!  This pic pretty much says it all...
 It was a wonderful week of celebration.  We couldn't be prouder of this kid and are so happy that we could share this special time with some of our dear farflung family.  I cried nary a tear at the graduation {I know a small miracle, right?}, but am feeling a little sentimental right now thinking about how fortunate we is good.  I'd love to go on and on, but I'm in a bit of a time crunch.  My dear girl and I are leaving this morning for Paris, France!!!! 

If you remember this...

from the holidays.  It was a pouch made of old atlases to contain our daughter's combination Christmas/graduation present...a trip to France to visit  friends and play.  Other than college visits, this is our first trip solo and I can't wait!!!!

Much more when we return.  I'll be thinking of you so often and taking lots of pictures.  Have a great couple of weeks!



  1. Congratulations to All!!! That's really wonderful. And bon voyage! Lucky duckies! Have a super trip; I know you will! <3

    ~ Annri

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I'll be thinking of you! :D