Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello again!...there has been much coming and going this summer.  We had a couple of wonderful weeks with our little family all together in Vermont, got to visit with far-flung loved ones, have sent some of our group off to explore new scenes, have said goodbye to one very dear one, and have welcomed other loved ones into our home for a long wished for visit.  In other words, it's been a summer—a busy~time is flying by~lovely summer.  The views from here in the middle of the middle have been not at all unusual for this time of year. Mostly. I say mostly because of this bit of fun...
I love this little bit of homemade sunshine. We've been keeping an eye on it all summer, watching it grow and change, and delighting in the discovery of its mates-which have been popping up all over town.
...a folly, pure fun and full of exuberance and joy...
...truly a labor of love and generosity in our little midwestern town.  So thank you "Night Stocking", whoever you are (though I do have my suspicions),  I can't tell you how happy it makes me that yarn bombing has finally made its way to us.  This color never fails to bring a smile to my lips and happiness to my heart.

I hope you are enjoying your own lovely summer and that your days have been filled with brightness and handmade happiness!



  1. That is gorgeous! Wish I lived there (might have to do some here! :D )

  2. How whimsical! Very fun. Love how colorful it is too! :)