Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Friends,
Today is a really exciting and busy day but I just had to pop in with a quick "hi" before the day got away from me.  What's so exciting about today?...well I'll tell you...My girl is on her way home from Africa!!!  I can't wait to see her and am counting the minutes until her sweet self turns the corner of the concourse and she is walking across that airport terminal and into our arms.  I am so full of joy, and pride, and gratitude at this moment that words are really hardly enough.  Her semester abroad has been unbelievable and incredible and everything that her father would have wished it to be and more.  We feel so fortunate and have spent the last three months smiling and pinching ourselves that our girl has gotten to have all of these wonderful experiences and that she's enjoyed them to the fullest and truly appreciated them.  Here is a glimpse of her Malian life...
Am I just a horribly doting mother if I say that I think that she is totally darling?

I am also feeling tremendously flattered and very happy about the fact that my Three Kittens Mittens were featured on the Spud and Chloe blog.  How exciting is that?!!  I love Spud and Chloe—it's one of my favorite yarn lines and it was so nice of them to mention my mitts.
 If you're interested in the Three Kittens Mittens pattern, you might want to pop on over to Ravelry or Craftsy.  The pattern is still being offered at the introductory price (10% off) through the end of today.

One final meant so much to me that you guys got my referencing what I was doing when I made the kitten mitts. That's what I love about these spaces—that you get it, that everything we do and make is tied so closely to the life that is swirling around us and the people who are near us (either literally or are those that we are just holding close in our hearts).  Here is a picture of my lovely mother who kept me company while I knitted the kitten mitts and who I am holding close now that she's back home...
and the view of my lap as I knitted the kitten mittens.  Actually, this is, more often than not, the view I  see as I look at my knitting.  It's good to have a friend...
Thanks for indulging me ;) Like I said, it's a big day around here and I'm feeling very sentimental.

Well okay then...I'm off to fold laundry, tidy-up, hopefully get some pattern work done, and shower before I drive to the airport.  

Have a great day!



  1. Joy all around, Alison! So much to be happy about. Good for you for calling it all out.