Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mindless knitting...

Good morning!  I'd like you to meet mini-stocking Number 24...

All I can say is...mistakes were made.  It all comes from watching a gripping episode of Masterpiece Theater (I am truly a dork) while mindlessly finishing up the last of my mini-stockings.  Perhaps I was just a wee bit distracted...the amazing thing is that I actually didn't even realize what I had done until I had woven in the ends at the toe and turned it right side out to admire my handiwork...Uuuuh...whaaat did I doooo?  Then of course the hilarity ensued as one of my kids ran to grab the camera saying, "You are going to blog about this, right?"  Too funny!

Here is Number 24 after a little reconstructive surgery...

...not nearly as interesting a shot except that it means that I am done with the knitting and am on to the hanging tags and figuring out a way of suspending these little stockings.  And then it's on to the filling!
Can't wait! 

Hope your day is full of laughter and happy knitting!...xoxo—Alison


  1. What a cute story. :-)

  2. I think you should have left it!!!! I admire anyone who can knit without looking! i still need to peek.

    I think those stockings would look cute on a little tree. My kids have Advent trees, and my girlie leaves hers up until February and decorates it for winter and Valentines day. I bought the trees at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my 20% off coupons of course.

    Thanks for the laugh, I'm off to finish my scarf :)

  3. Wonderful - how funny! It must have been a very gripping play. I think your stocking advent calender will look lovely. Here we have a little wooden house, nothing home-made - I'm in the throes of gathering little items for it. What are you planning to put in the stockings?

  4. oh, that is so great! i'm glad there is a photo to remember it by! i just decided some honey sticks would be a nice addition to the treats round up.

    xo - annri

  5. You certainly brought a moment of laughter to my evening!