Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend knitting...

It is positively beautiful here in the middle of the middle! skies and unseasonably warm temps—that's been the way of it this fall.  I even saw several poor, confused dandelions blooming their little hearts out this morning while I was walking the dogs.  And in the garden, the carnations, roses and geraniums are still going strong—so strange to see as we near the end of November.  It reminds me of Novembers in Southeast Texas (where I grew up).  Anyway, it's gorgeous and I am just setting out to enjoy a patch of sun before winter comes for real.

Before I go I thought I'd check in with a mini—mini-stocking update...Number 23 is on the needles as we speak...woohoo!  I have gained such respect for people who do lots of production knitting.  I  I am having fun with this little project, don't get me wrong, but I will be so happy to have these little stockings all made and I find myself counting and recounting my minis, just to make sure that I haven't missed one.

They are the perfect project for knitterly dreaming.  As I work my way around and around these little cuties, I have really started thinking and making my plans for this year's handmade holiday gifts.  I really want to make sure that everyone in the family has at least one hand-knitted item this year (a modest goal, I think).  You would think with all the knitting that I do that my family would have tons of mama made sweaters, but the sad reality is that this just isn't the case.  Last year at this time I was working feverishly toward my book deadline and so my poor family has been sadly neglected and are, indeed, hand-knit deprived.  So what to make first?...Some of these, I think...

They will be a perfect transition from mini-stocking knitting to more serious holiday knitting.  These elf boots are one of the first projects that I designed for Fairy Tale Knits, and as soon as they were off the needles, both of my boys both put in their orders.  Fortunately, this project uses Cascade 220 (but any worsted 100% wool would do).  It is the same yarn that I have been using for the minis, so I have tons of it in lots of bright, happy colors.  I will have to do a little resizing for my middle guy...he wears a size 12 shoe now (that's 11 Men's!) ...crazy, right?...but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Maybe I could just make a mate to the holiday stocking version of this pattern...

...okay, no that clearly wouldn't work, but Note to Self...make all future holiday stocking patterns in a men's size 12,  just in case.

What's on your needles?  There are so many great projects out there right now (knitting and otherwise), I am having a hard time deciding what I have to make right now and what can wait  a little while.  I'd love to hear what your plans are for your own handmade holidays.

Have a great weekend and happy knitting!...xoxox—alison


  1. Hi Alison, those elf boots look amazing! My younger DD was an elf at her school Christmas Fair a few years ago and I made some elf boots out of felt - but yours are way cuter. On my needles now is a sweet reindeer decoration - I can't wait to see him finished, but i'm finding the Rowan Alpaca Cotton difficult to knit with - very fuzzy.

  2. The elf boots are fantastic, and you've set my mind working.... maybe I should resize them for me! (After all, I only wear a size 8 women's shoe). There's plenty of yarn around here to make some for everyone. In all my spare time.

  3. Alison,
    LOVE the elf slippers. How does one person have soooooooo much talent? I am currently in love with the Just Enough Ruffles scarf (found on Ravelry.) I will be making a few of these for the great women in my life. After Christmas a hat of some sort will be made for my 12 y/o L. I need to make a slouchy hat for my girlie too. After the holidays!!!!