Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just checking in...

Hi friends!...

Excuse my absence this week, I've been a little under the weather :(  {nothing serious, just feeling yuk enough to take the wind out of my sails}.  I didn't want another day to go by without stopping by to say hello, though.  I've been thinking about you, and have been missing my time here, and my visits to your creative spaces out there in the blogosphere.  I can't wait to catch up with what you've been up to and am looking forward to a little show and tell here next week, complete with photos and maybe some how-tos of the making I've been working on—a new design for a neckwarmer for an upcoming class at Yarns Unlimited, a shop sample of Satine from French Girl Knits, a new smock design inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's February baby sweater from The Knitter's Almanac, and last but not least, more fabric origami.

Bye for now, though, I'm off to snuggle under a blanket and to watch the Olympics {fyi—the winter games make for nice company when you're not feeling up to snuff—couldn't have planned it better}.

Hope you are well and are having a great day...See you soon!...


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! I'm chomping at the bit to see your latest creations... Incidentally, my daughter and her three friends made a lovely bunch of your origami pockets at her birthday party. Thanks for a wonderful creative idea that made a great memory for all of us!

  2. I hope you're feeling better, Alison. Lots of good skiing to watch today! Looking forward to that smock... Isn't funny how we each want to make what the other is making? Some things may never change; thank goodness! :)

    xo - Annri

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Get well soon but not too soon - keep enjoying those Olympics! :D

  5. I had a case of the kids-are-home-from-school-and-driving-me-a-tad-insane-itis over the past few weeks. It affected my computers too...they had no-one-but-the-teens-could-get-on-them-osis. Sounds like you are benefitting from some good, peaceful rest.

    Hope you are all better soon! :)

  6. How're you doing? I just came across this at Poppytalk, and thought of you...

    Take care! <3

  7. Thanks for the well wishes!...we're hanging in there—last week was an odd 5 day migraine and now we are enduring a visit from our old friend strep throat and discovering new antibiotic allergies {we usually get strep in the fall and spring—so hopefully this counts as our spring case}. I have been knitting though, and am hoping to get a proper post with pictures up soon {tomorrow?}—fngers crossed that no one else is felled between now and then. Thanks again, take care and see you soon!

    ps—Annri, thanks for the cake link {Poppytalk}—I love it!