Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines toast...

No, not that kind—this kind...

I found this little gem a while back and have been using it judiciously—I think of it as a low tech way of instant messaging my kids.

I actually bought this toast imprinter for my now husband on our first Valentine's Day together back when we were courting {can you imagine?...what was I thinking?!!!}.  If I remember correctly, it was one of many little treasures that I collected together in a gift bag for him.  Why he, just out of college at the time, didn't run for the hills when he pulled that toast imprinter out of the package, I'll never know, but I'm ever so grateful that he didn't—instead he stuck around with a sense of humor and a willingness to humor me.  Now would I ever suggest that my 18 year old daughter gift her boyfriend with such a token of her love?, I would not!...but I have to say that any guy who can graciously receive an "I love you" toast imprinter clearly doesn't take himself too seriously {always good to know}.

This little love token always makes me smile and, like my kids, it reminds me of what an open heart is capable of—the utter fearlessness of laying our hearts bare to love of all kinds.  And now, lo these many years later, it seems only fitting that I use it to send a little love out there.  Today I toast you!...I send you my wishes for happiness and love and all good things this Valentine's Day!  Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, may your day be lovely!... 



  1. What a sweet sentiment! I hope you had a wonderful day :)

  2. A great love story, to be sure! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! xo