Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Springing back...

Back again and springing forward!..So sorry for the sudden disappearance.  Illness has been in residence here for way too long!  March has really felt like the month that wasn't, but spring is on its way, the sun is shining, the crocuses {crocii???} are blooming and brighter and healthier days are on their way...I just know it!!!

As you might expect, the energy level has been unusually low around here lately.  Times like these make me appreciate how much really does get done when we are all up and running...I sometimes have trouble seeing that, and it's good to be reminded and to be grateful.  The bit of creating that has been going on has been decidedly low-key...some knitting here and there and some kitchen play focused on comfort food and on my quest for the perfect Irish soda bread recipe.

Soda bread...yum!...so simple so good!  My family loves the stuff.  I have a couple of recipes that I like {one uses baking soda, the other one doesn't~go figure}. This year, to shake things up,  I am conducting a little soda bread bake-off.  So if you have a favorite recipe, please send it my way—I'd love to give it a go. 

March is officially soda bread month in our house.  Do you have foods that you associate with specific months?  I recently realized that I do...there are foods that I only make during certain months...February is cherry pie {President's Day~you know, the cherry tree and all}...March is soda bread...April is coconut {generally macaroons}...May is lemon meringue pie...etc.  These are just the sweets—when I get to thinking about it I realize that there are certain savories that I only make in certain months...not sure why or how this evolved.  It's funny, because I like to think of myself as pretty spontaneous but when I really take a look...not so much.  Thankfully, no one is complaining—I guess they think it's normal...my kids must assume that you can only have cherry pie in February—ha!

...And the knitting...
This is a pattern that I made for a class that I am teaching at Yarns Unlimited.  It's a floral neck wrap, perfect for chasing the spring chill and for surrounding  streppy, virussy, hoarse throats in a layer of pretty warmth.  I made this wrap for just for fun—one for me and one for my girl.  It has gotten lots of attention, hence the pattern and the class.  I will be making this pattern available for sale through Knitting by Hand and Ravelry in the future.  There are two versions of the pattern—a spring/summer version with a ruffly rose and a three season version with a bobbled flower.  This is the three season version...

Well friends, farewell for now...I'm off to play some serious catch up...sixes and sevens...that's where I'm living right now!...Better go brew a pot of tea and bake another loaf of soda bread first, though!...


ps~...and to those of you who have been struggling with lingering winter colds, flus and whatnot—I know there are a lot of you out there—I'm sending happy, healthful thoughts your way!...Be well and bring on the sunshine!


  1. Glad you are feeling on the mend - I am finding the suddenly sunny, blue days we have had here in the UK the best tonic ever! Love the neck wrap, that flower is perfect. Good luck with the bake off, soda bread is something I have never tried, I think I better give it a go! :D

  2. Hey, ho! So glad you're on the mend too. Mid-March already?! Yikes.

    I love that neck wrap, of course. It's just the kind of knitting for these in-between season days. :)

  3. love the cowl! that is so unique and fresh!

  4. Yay!! Alison is posting again!! SOOOOOOOOO happy to see it pop up on my favorites page!!! I have a delish Irish bread recipe to send you! I do make it a lot in March, but I make it year round too. I love to cowl. Question: are you putting the pattern up for sale for those of us who live too far away to take the class? I would love to knit itIt's my kind of knitting. Enjoy these spring days!