Friday, August 28, 2009

Driven to distraction...

That's what I have been. You know how you can get an idea in your head and it just wriggles around in there, nagging and itching until you do something about it? Well these buttons have been like that for me.

First of all let me say that I love buttons, old buttons, new buttons, handmade, store-bought—I love them all and always have. I can spend hours (yes, hours) in the button isle at the fabric store. And I love to can see where this is going...

It was really just a matter of time before those two got together and demanded that I make something—kind of like that old Reese's commercial—you got your knitting in my buttons, you got your buttons in my knitting—wait for it...mmmmmm.

Now, I have made buttons before , so that's not really anything new, but this is the first time that I have made this kind of button and it was sooo much fun. I loved it and I love the end product! And there we are...I've been making buttons and planning projects around these little gems all week (my daughter reports that I might be a little "little obsessed" if). My current distraction is coming up with a project that is truly button worthy—so much pressure.

Sometimes, actually more often than not, it is little things that make me happy and bring joy...laughter from the other room, the smell of the coffee that I wake up to each morning, the comfort of the sweet corgi always at my feet, wool in my hands, the notes that drift downstairs from my daughter's harp and my husband's banjo, the backward waves and thrown kisses that my children send my way as they head out the door, and making pretty things just because...the list goes on and on. These buttons definitely fall into the category of something pretty made just because. I'm happy making them and once made they make me happy—a real win, win.

I will try to post a pattern and tutorial for making these soon. Until then I'm off. Have a great weekend, full of happy moments and happy making—just because.


  1. oh, you know how i love minutiae! what tiny treasures you're making! i can't wait to see what becomes of them - even if it's nothing more than yummy eye candy!


  2. Those are great lookin' buttons!