Saturday, August 15, 2009

free patterns!

I just found out that Amazon has provided free copies of two patterns from my new book! Let's hear it for free stuff!

The first pattern is the Snow Queen Sweater Coat. This is one of those designs that just rolled and rolled around in my head and would not leave me alone until I finally picked up my knitting needles and got to it. I love the charm of vintage knits, as you might be able to tell from this pattern. I had a lot of fun thinking about and designing this sweater and even more fun knitting much fun that I have knit this one up in different sizes for various family friends. It's has turned out to be a real fav. It's girly without being fussy and is wearable for more years than your average sweater because of the long skirt and the ruffly cuffs.

The other pattern is the Princess Crown. There are two versions of this pattern. One is a hat with lacey details at the top and the other is a basic crown. While this pattern is called the "Princess Crown" the crown version of this pattern is absolutely suitable for both girls and boys. You can whip these little crowns in no time at all, and if your kids are like mine, you can never have too many crowns.

I had so much fun designing and knitting these patterns, I hope that you do too! If you do knit either of these up I'd love to see pics!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Hello Alison, I just wanted to let you know that that is certainly the most beautiful coat I have ever seen!!!

  2. I absolutely adore the Snow Queen coat and wanted to make it for my daughter, but was disappointed to see that only the cape goes up to size 8, not the coat. That's too bad. Is there any chance you will add a size 8? Thank you (:

  3. hello alison
    the link to the free pattern does not work can you please please send me the pattern in pdf please please please
    i wan't to make it for my 7 year old doughter
    can you please send it to

    greetings miranda from the netherlands

  4. December 1 - the link to the Princess Crown pattern does not work. Please advise.

  5. I purchased the book this pattern is in. I’m having trouble with the buttonhole band. When I knit in the back loop of the yarn over it ends up coming loose. Also after knitting 3 rows the fourth row would be on the wrong side but the pattern says RS. Can you please help clarify? Thank you.