Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday scavenger hunt...

Okay, I know that my post should really look like this...

Alas, today's post has much more to do with creating family memories than it does with crafting or making, but I really wanted to share this with you because it so much fun! Recently my husband and kids discovered Geocaching. Have any of you done this? It is terrific!..

It's essentially a scavenger hunt. It turns out that there are little caches or containers (some of them very tiny), containing a register and sometimes little items that people place in them, stashed all over the place. In fact, according to their site, there are some 886, 671 active geocaches stashed all around the world—who knew?! We have found them at parks, metro stations, roadside rest stops, in the country and in downtown urban areas—too much fun!

Here's how it works...
You access information about the caches in your area using various types of gps devices (we use our phones). You enter your postal code or address at the Geocache site and click "go" to find the caches near you. There are clues that lead you to the cache's whereabouts. Some are easy to find and some are really tricky (you can choose your level). Once you find a cache, you sign the register in the cache and then later put it in your register on the Geocache site on your computer.
We have found that this is the perfect diversion for both adults and kids, and accessing the caches can be as strenuous or as laid back as you want it to be. There have been times when we went out specifically to find a cache—where hiking and some real active hunting was involved, and there have been other times, like when were driving cross country or when my husband was waiting for a train, where we just took a few minutes to check for and find a cache. How cool is that?
Have a great end to the weekend and if you want to give this a try...

happy hunting!

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  1. phew! finally getting some computer time after a week full of a house full of family. :)

    i've heard about the geo-cacheing, but not looked into it. how cool! thanks for sparking the exploration!

    ps - so many thanks for the BOOK! it's awesome! i sent you a snail mail yesterday about it... xo