Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awaiting Thumbelina...

Hello there,

And happy 15th day of Advent! No cute little animals in the Advent garland today, just this happy little toadstool...

It looks perfectly placed out here amongst the lichen and moss, like it's waiting for a party of wee folk to come and shelter under its canopy. I think it looks like the perfect spot to hold a fairy folk cotillion. Don't you? It makes me think of the world of imagination, of magic, and of flights of fancy. And I needed to be reminded of that today.


This was one of the quickest and most satisfying needled feltie that I've done so far. I think it's going to look great on our Christmas tree but it would also be perfect for any little one in your life. It is just the right size for chubby little mitts. This is the the kind of thing that my now not so little ones would have clutched in their toddler hands or secreted in a pocket as they went through their day. It might come out to join whatever game they were playing...castle, deep sea/forest/jungle adventure, school, kitchen, you name it. A little shroom like this would get pulled out of the pocket and become part of the play. It would dutifully watch meals and drawing and be held tightly during stories and stroller rides. Makes me smile to think of those sweet, sweet days.


I wish you peace and serenity on this day. May it be filled with goodness throughout.





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