Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Second Adventist... again...I know!...two days in a row...a holiday miracle for sure!  But it's that time of year when the little whimsies of the holidays come out to play (and beg to be made) so here we go.

On the second day of December my crochet hook brought to me...
 A wee dormouse!... 

 I think the lad approves...
And can I just say that I am abundantly aware that I am truly a lucky mom to have a now teenager {:o} who humors me in this way.  I think that maybe the sweets in the toe of the stocking help a bit.
This was a fun little project.  Quick and satisfying and my first go at amigurumi.  So fun!  The pattern is free and can be found here.  Many thanks to Rachel Hansen for sharing this darling pattern.  And the best part?  In addition to making the acquaintance of  this cute dormouse {who will soon be decorating our tree and will definitely not be a back of the tree dweller},  I learned a new crochet decrease along the way!  I love learning things on my way to a new project.  And the best best part?...wait for it...this decrease is totally invisible!  No really.  Totally invisible!  I really love that.  I will definitely be using this decrease again in other projects. 

Okay, that's it for now.  Cookies to be baked, gifts to be made, patterns to be edited, and a wood stove to be cozied up to.  Have a wonderful day!  I'll be thinking of you and all the loveliness flying off your hooks and needles.


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