Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jenny comes to call...

Advent day19 is upon us! Who do we have today?...

A wee black cat. Today's feltie is inspired by Esther Averill's character Jenny Linsky. Do you know Jenny and the Cat Club? Averill's books are among our most treasured kids books. The stories are sweet and witty and so very dear. My children loved them, and so did we. The books are utterly charming with their uncluttered prose and adorable illustrations.

A bit about Jenny...Jenny is a small black cat who is taken in by The Captain (a former seafaring man). She is shy and smart and a very talented ice skater. She always wears a fetching red scarf which was hand knitted for her by the captain himself. Her stories and adventures with the other cats in the neighborhood (the cat club) are so enchanting. You really should take a peek at her stories.

I will leave you today with some pictures of the lovely Jenny...




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  1. Alison, all your creatures are so charming and inspired. I was not familiar with Jenny (need to go check out the books). We loved Mr. Putter and Tabby when the kids were young... of course, love all the literary references.

    Thanks for including us on this year's Advent journey!