Wednesday, December 5, 2012


On the Fifth true love brought to me...fiiiive golden riiings. Not!

I'd like you to meet Tigg, the hedgie...the Advent hedgie...
The free pattern for this roly-poly cutie can be found here. A great resource is Drunken Aunt Wendy. This pattern was clearly written and it gave me an opportunity to learn another new stitch {I mean if you are going to stay up into the wee hours making holiday frippery you might as well be learning something on the way, right? In this case it was loop stitch.
 So loop stitch...hmmm...any thoughts? I felt kind of like I was making a teeny tiny shag carpet or bath towel. While not difficult, this stitch is a bit fiddly. And a word to the wise from the not so ~ resist the urge to control the size of your loops. I wanted mine to look textured without being too huge...I mean I'm making hedgehog prickles not a lion's mane after all. The bottom line~~if your loops are too small they will pull out and unravel and will make you most cranky and you will probably say some things you shouldn't. Then, at that very moment, it will become clear to you that it is afterall a good thing {and showed tremendous foresight~not lack of planning} that you're working on this silly hedgie at 3 in the morning so that your sweet children won't be scarred by seeing their mother despairing over crocheted hedgehog prickles in the middle of the night. That could happen. Or so I've heard. However, if that happens {and it won't because you're going to make your loops big big?...the circumference of your index finger and no smaller} you will forget your fatigue and frustration {not to mention the crick that's preventing you from turning your head} the second you look at that cute hedgie nose and that roly poly bum.
Because after all is said and done, he's a hedgehog, and hedgehogs are adorable...especially Advent hedgies.



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