Thursday, December 15, 2011

Candy cane...

Advent Day15 brought to you by Epic the narwhal...

This guy is dedicated to my middle man, a boy with a love for all things narwhalian. And why "Epic"?...Well aside from my boy's appreciation for epicness in all forms, I'm fairly certain that that horn/tusk thingy is made of the same stuff as candy canes...mmmm...totally epic...

Oh dear~I think our little puddle of ocean is looking rather crowded. I may have to do a bit more landscape knitting soon. For now though, it's back to Santa's workshop for me. Lots of making still to go ; )
Hope your Thursday is full of goodness!
Until tomorrow...
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  1. I've looked through your latest posts of holiday critters, creatures and creative things. What cuteness!

    Happy Holidays!