Friday, December 30, 2011

technical difficulties...

Well harrumph...
I've been blogging from my phone for the last month, which has been great (I love it actually), but has presented a few problems—namely that the program seems to crash with some regularity.  Today I tried a new program and finally got a post published, but now the post that I wrote on the Dec. 28th seems to have gone AWOL.  It wasn't anything earth-shattering (if you've been here for a while you know that there is rarely anything of that ilk here), just me yammering on about my excitement at the arrival of snow and preparations for shipping my girl off to Mali, but it is gone nonetheless and Mousy Brown's sweet comment is now on today's post.  It has me wondering...where does it go?  Is it like smoke that just dissipates in the atmosphere?
Anyway, I will be continuing to experiment with this sort of posting (from my portable devices, I mean).  So please bear with me if there is any weirdness along the way.
alison {a luddite for sure}

ps— Okay, as I finished typing this post, my crack computer team managed to recover said missing post.  The date is off but it is back in place and Mousy's comment is back in its spot.  I guess this would qualify as the kind of weirdness I was talking about : ) Thank you my patient friends~xox


  1. Oh I appeared and disappered how exciting! :D

  2. I have been trying to post from my iPad...challenging! I love to drop in and just see what you are up to now and then. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing! :)